Banks and Private Investors

We have established close relationships with all the major banks and private investors who can support any size of the project throughout the UK.


Your Team

Strengthen your proposal by being part of your team.

You will also benefit from our many years of funding property and using known professionals in the market.

Work Investing, providing the expertise needed for your property funding.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"
Thomas A Edison

The Difference

It is vital to have an experienced lender fully involved in your proposal providing a service ensuring success not only to you your project but also the funder.

You are the prime consideration to a funder in any proposal, not the deal. It is you and your team that will make it happen.

Putting the best face on your deal and understand the needs of funders when presenting your proposal.

Work Investing is known to all the major funders, we speak their language and have the ability to get decisions quickly speaking directly to the decision-maker.

We are part of your team working with you to make it happen.

"The Price of Success"

The lower the risk the lower the cost. Pricing though in development funding is by no means the most important factor. As projects are normally short term the key to a successful deal is partnering with a funder who fully understands the project and the market.